Monday, January 23, 2017

Chumps for Children: Exposing Laura Ahearn's bogus 'Champions for Children' Award winners Part 1: Brian Pascale

Over the next few weeks, I'll be exposing each of PFML's so-called "Champions for Children," awards PFML gives to those who suck up to them the most.

Brian Pascale: At first I thought this was Peewee Herman. Why does this two-bit attorney get a reward from Ahearn? His only service is helping Ahearn sue a disabled man from Ohio for having the balls to stand up to Ahearn and her fellow bullies. He is a right-wing nut who reads websites like Brietbart and while he claims to help the oppressed, he makes fun of disabled individuals and makes implicit racist statements to boot.

Peewee Pascale accepting his Chumps for Children Award.

Notice the source of the article, an Alt-Right propagandist. 

The irony of this post when you consider comments posted below. 

Ironically, he is suing a man on behalf of PFML because they need "safe spaces"

The hypocrisy is strong in this post.

What Alt-Right nut isn't also a gun sucking wacko?

No comment necessary. He's a sicko. 

So? I think he was on point. 

He calls Muslims savages. How quaint.

Another Alt-Right source. 

Maybe you should also grow the fuck up. 

Called out for believing Alt-Right FAKE news.

If I workd for Pascale I might need some of those pills, too. 

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