Friday, December 16, 2016

Bellone and Ahearn are taking this dog and pony show on the road via local media

Bellone and Ahearn are taking their dog and pony show to the Suffolk County media in order to drum up support for their previously failed campaign to extend registration periods of registered citizens as well as allowing municipalities to create and enforce local residency restrictions.

Bellone and Ahearn are both misleading the public, as evidenced by the articles previously posted here. This program costs the county nearly a million dollars just in the main contract between the county and PFML, not counting the lawsuits. By their own admission, recidivism was so rare in Suffolk County BEFORE the implementation of this CONTROVERSIAL contract that the alleged reduction in recidivism could easily be explained as the law of averages or simply their program is actually driving people to report less.

PFML is costing taxpayers even more by the number of lawsuits that they are involved in, and with the county attorneys now involved in defending Ahearn from the lawsuits her harassment campaign has initiated, the taxpayers are footing the bill for far more than that initial $900k contract. (Your taxpayer dollars are going to sue a man living in Ohio on a fixed income and no assets, for protesting PFML and their controversial contract. Your tax dollars at work.)

They're also paying more for that liability insurance that went from $4500 annually to $25k annually, and the county was more than happy to dip into the actual fund for crime victims to pay for that, meaning less money for crime victims and more money for the criminals.

Speaking of criminals, were you folks aware that disgraced politician Dean Skelos was one of Ahearn's "Champion for Children" award winners? Lets not forget Laura Ahearn's connection to that disgraced convicted criminal James Burke. These two folks were once proudly listed at the top of PFML's list of contributors.

Phoney Belloney and PFML makes the dubious claim that this contract saves taxpayers lots of money because they say a detective for Suffolk County costs $200k annually. That would be only if the county sent the officers with the highest seniority to conduct these compliance checks, and no police department in the USA does that. Starting pay for a Suffolk Co detective far lower than that (maybe $50k or so) and it takes decades to each that cap, and that includes overtime hours. PFML claims they only hire those with decades of Law Enforcement experience. They hired six ex-cops to do this job. How much do they really make, do they work the amount of overtime a police detective can, and would the Suffolk Co PD even need six dedicated officers for a task they are supposed to be doing themselves? For comparison, here in Cincinnati, where I live, the Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Office handles more registrants than Suffolk Co. NY, yet has only three dedicated officers and can boast a compliance rate equal to, or possibly better, than the Suffolk County contract, with half the personnel. (Just an FYI, compliance is rarely an issue even where registration laws are allegedly lax.)

In regards to s*x crime rates, both of recidivism and of arrests of those with no prior record, read the NY study by Sandler entitled "Does a Watched Pot Boil" (it is easy to find online). It found about 95% of s*x crime arrests are of first time offenders and Megan's Flaw has NO impact on arrest rates or recidivism rates. What a waste of YOUR taxpayer dollars!

The solution here is not to give in to Phoney Belloney's fearmongering to justify giving more tax money to his political cronies at PFML. Instead, PFML should be defunded and this controversial contract should come to an end. Bellone and Ahearn should be investigated AND CONVICTED for human rights violations and share a cell with Burke and Skelos.

Below is Phoney Bellonne's propaganda:

We must protect our children from sex offenders


I am writing to you not only as Suffolk County Executive but also as a parent of three young children to discuss an issue of the utmost importance: protecting our kids and families from sex offenders. 

During my time as Babylon Town Supervisor, we took a leadership position on the sex offender issue. We sued to end the terrible practice of housing more than a dozen unsupervised sex offenders at the former Brook Motel in North Babylon. We created the first GIS mapping system in New York State to track sex offenders living in the Town of Babylon. We also became the first municipality to utilize town code enforcement officers to verify whether sex offenders were living where they reported on the Megan’s Law Sex Offender Registry. In advancing these protective measures, we worked closely with one of the leading advocacy organizations in our state and nation on this issue, Parents for Megan’s Law and its longtime director Laura Ahearn. 

When I took office as Suffolk County Executive in 2012, I took all of my experiences in Babylon and all the lessons learned and worked with Suffolk County Police Department and Parents for Megan’s Law to develop the Community Protection Act (CPA), the toughest sex offender enforcement, monitoring and verification program in the nation. Adopted in 2013, the CPA created a public-private partnership with Parents for Megan’s Law, who utilize retired law enforcement officers to ensure the sex offender registry is up to date by verifying home address registration information for sex offenders living in Suffolk County and enforce laws to prevent sex offenders from preying on our children online. 

Since passing the Community Protection Act: 

• Nearly 300 social media accounts belonging to sex offenders (over 200 of them Suffolk County registrants) have been removed by Facebook

• Over 10,000 in-person home verification visits for Level 1, 2 and 3 registrants have been executed

• Nearly 95 percent of Level 2 and Level 3 offenders were brought into compliance through home address registration

• Recidivism has been reduced by 81 percent for Suffolk County eligible sex offender registrants against Suffolk County residents.

The Community Protection Act is working! 

That’s why I’m so alarmed that the Community Protection Act is currently under assault by sex offenders unhappy with the level of monitoring that we do in Suffolk County. Multiple lawsuits have been filed by sex offenders and organizations supporting them in an effort to strike down the Community Protection Act. 

We need New York State to enact legislation that will give the authority back to Suffolk County to enact reasonable residency restriction laws, prevent certain dangerous registrants from dropping off the registry, and protect critical sex offender management programs such as the Community Protection Act to allow Suffolk County to continue our work protecting kids and families from sex offenders. 

Please go to to sign our online petition urging New York State to protect the Community Protection Act and close the sex offender loophole by prioritizing passage of sex offender legislation in the next legislative session.

We want to arm our state representatives with the grassroots support they need to fight for this important legislation in Albany.

Under the Community Protection Act, Suffolk County funds the coordination of educational presentations offered by Parents for Megan’s Law in schools across our county in an effort to arm parents with the tools and knowledge they need to help protect their families and children, and awareness they need to help prevent victimization. We strongly support the delivery of these programs to help protect our most vulnerable. To learn more about this important work, please go to 

We owe it to our children to do everything we can under the law to keep them safe. Please join me in calling for the strengthening of our sex offender laws in New York State by signing our online petition at If you are interested in collecting signatures for our petition, please contact my office at 631-853-5027.

Thank you for your support.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The hypocrisy of Eileen Panico, PFML cheerleader and wannabe vigilante thug

Eileen Panico, wannabe vigilante
During an April protest against PFML's controversial contract with Suffolk County, a woman posing as a reporter interviewed the protesters with the sole purpose of collecting info on them to harass them online. This woman is whack job named Eileen Kennedy Panico (last known address 1869 Louis Kossuth Ave., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, phone #  (631) 738-1372), one of Laura Ahearn's most loyal subjects. 

The lead protester, Derek Logue, who also runs a blog exposing online wannabe vigilantes like Eileen Panico, (and has already posted about her), tells us what really happened: 

About 9:30 am, not long after my arrival (and before the other six protesters arrived) some lady (Eileen) was taking pictures and held a notepad, presenting herself as if she was a reporter. I thought nothing about it and she asked me some mundane questions about why we are protesting. It was a windy morning, and one of our signs blew into the parking lot, and I asked her to retrieve it for me, and she did. She thanked me for speaking, then left.

So all this big gangster talk on the internet is laughable. It took all she had not to physically harm me? ROFLMAO! What a joke. First, she would have been arrested. Second, there is no way this person could hurt me short of a long distance projectile. She couldn't even call me a "disgusting piece of garbage" to my face, despite the fact I was engaging in a peaceful protest with so few demonstrators, right?

Eileen runs (or helps run) a number of Facebook pages:

In case she disputes the claim she runs this page
Eileen Panico has been targeting Mr. Logue online for over half a year now, although she couldn't say anything in person (because most online vigilantes are cowards in real life without a gun and backup). But that hasn't stopped her from slandering and attacking Mr. Logue. Here is one example:

There are three things to mention here. First, she cites a number of online vigilante websites, including notorious (and now deceased) vigilante Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst from Ft Lauderdale, whose only real claim to fame was getting arrested for pulling a gun on a registered citizen for no reason. Yeah, if it is on the internet it much be true (PFML seems to have the same philosophy, as we have previously discussed on this blog). Second, she obviously discriminates against those with mental illness. (So what if Mr. Logue is "bipolar"? I imagine she's at the least an undiagnosed mentally ill person, judging by her posts.) Finally, she bashes Mr. Logue for "liv[ing] off the government teat" and fundraising for protests. 

This last point is particularly hypocritical given the fact Eileen is begging people for money online, collecting food stamps AND disability. And now, I present to you, Eileen Panico's GoFundMe page:

They've applied for assistance and unfortunately, they don't get much. Disability pays their taxes and despite what you might think - food stamps for the family covers the basics. It doesn't allow them to get personals  such as toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and other personal items. (That comes from Eileen’s part time salary)  They are now behind on many bills - electric, water, phone and the credit card bills from before his illness remain unpaid. 

How are the Panicos able to receive food stamps if they own a camper, house and car? Seems to me Eileen's hate is catching up to her the way it caught up to Valerie Parkhurst. Eileen Panico should expect to be served with court papers in a few days. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Accusing someone of being a pedophile and stalking the community is slander. Maybe PFML will hire an Ohio attorney since PFML's attorneys aren't in Ohio.

This is what is known as "slander."
ADDENDUM: I wanted to share a new post by this group, since they fail to distinguish between "sex offender" and "pedophile":

Yes, it IS slander to make such a bogus claim as Eileen Panico has done. First off, being on the registry does not equate to being a "convicted pedophile." There is no statute in the law called "pedophilia." Thus, one cannot be convicted of "pedophilia" since there is NO CRIME called "pedophilia." Second, Mr. Logue does not run this blog, though we receive information from him, Eileen fails at research once again, which I find amusing. We have also proven that Eileen Panico IS the only known contributor to that FB page (see screenshot above where Panico admits to being "one of the main contributors"), so unless someone else is willing to assume responsibility for this false statement, then Eileen Panico is liable under the law. She 

Monday, November 7, 2016

James Burke, Ex-Suffolk County Police Chief, Is Sentenced to 46 Months

This was one of Laura Ahearn's biggest supporters.

James Burke, Ex-Suffolk County Police Chief, Is Sentenced to 46 Months
New York Times | Nov. 2, 2016

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. — The once popular and swaggering chief of the Suffolk County Police Department, James Burke, was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison on Wednesday for a series of misdeeds that began after a duffel bag belonging to him was stolen from his parked sport utility vehicle.

The duffel bag contained pornography and sex toys. Its disappearance in December 2012 set Mr. Burke off on a furious effort to find the thief, teach him a lesson, recover the bag and make sure the episode stayed quiet. It did not.

Mr. Burke’s efforts at a cover-up set in motion a scandal that reverberated through Long Island politics, making new enemies out of old allies and leading to an ever-widening inquiry by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that is now scrutinizing not only the police, but also prosecutors and the judiciary.

That larger investigation showed no signs of having ended on Wednesday, even as the man at its center was given a stiff sentence by a federal judge who was unimpressed by Mr. Burke’s apology, or the more than 80 letters he had received from Mr. Burke’s friends and family, pleading for leniency.
The judge, Leonard D. Wexler of Federal District Court, compared Mr. Burke’s style as police chief to that of a dictator who commanded a loyal following. Judge Wexler said that Mr. Burke had “corrupted a system,” and that his crimes were not limited to a single episode.

“It did not take one day,” Judge Wexler said of Mr. Burke’s efforts to thwart the F.B.I.’s investigation. “It stretched over three years.”

Mr. Burke, 52, has been held in a federal jail for 11 months, ever since his arrest last December, on charges of violating the thief’s civil rights and conspiring to obstruct justice, ended a colorful three-decade career in law enforcement.

Mr. Burke had undergone an unusual introduction to the policing profession. As a teenager, he was a key witness in one of Long Island’s most notorious murders: the killing of a 13-year-old named John Pius, whose battered body was found in the woods in Smithtown, N.Y., in 1979 with six rocks jammed down his throat.

The prosecutor in that case was Thomas J. Spota, who would go on to become the district attorney in Suffolk County and a major supporter of Mr. Burke’s career. As a young police officer, Mr. Burke developed a reputation as an aggressive street cop with a knack for catching criminals and a streak of risky behavior. His career was almost derailed early on by a relationship with a prostitute, and his habit of losing his service weapon. But he kept rising through the ranks, ultimately becoming the top uniformed chief of the county police force on the eastern half of Long Island, a job he secured in 2011 with Mr. Spota’s support.

As chief, Mr. Burke adopted the latest crime-fighting strategies and was credited with some success in reducing crime. A cigar-smoking raconteur, Mr. Burke also ran his police department, with about 2,300 officers, in a manner at odds with the latest police management journals. In one recent legal filing, prosecutors say his office “was repurposed into a makeshift bar which was open every night for ‘drinks.’” Mr. Burke also had subordinates “conduct surveillance” on his girlfriend or his girlfriend’s exes, prosecutors claimed in the legal filing.

Initially, the case against Mr. Burke had a narrow focus: Had he punched, and even threatened to kill, the duffel-bag thief?

Mr. Burke pressured detectives to commit perjury in court and to lie to federal agents who were investigating the assault.

For a time, his cover-up did, in fact, stymie the F.B.I. But in 2015, after more than two years, federal agents gained the cooperation and testimony of at least 10 police officers, some of whom corroborated the details of Mr. Burke’s violent conduct after officers arrested the man who had snatched the duffel bag from his GMC Yukon.

The thief, Christopher Loeb, a young heroin addict who routinely broke into parked cars and pilfered whatever he could find, was brought to a station house and shackled to the floor of an interrogation room.

Mr. Burke barged into the room. The police chief punched Mr. Loeb and shook his head violently. At one point, prosecutors said, he threatened Mr. Loeb, telling him that he would receive a “hot shot,” slang for a fatal dose of heroin.

Mr. Loeb, still handcuffed and shackled to the floor, called Mr. Burke a pervert, apparently berating him about the pornography in the duffel bag. At that point, prosecutors wrote in a legal filing, Mr. Burke “went out of control,” screaming at and beating Mr. Loeb until one of the detectives said, “Boss, that’s enough, that’s enough.”

Mr. Loeb spoke at the sentencing, describing how Mr. Burke’s violent behavior had done more than just injure and frighten him. “Your crime is first against me and then against the entire system of justice,” Mr. Loeb said, looking directly at Mr. Burke. “The punishment for petty theft should never include a vicious beating by the chief of police.”

Mr. Loeb said he still worried that one of Mr. Burke’s subordinates would come after him. “I will never again feel comfortable in Suffolk County, the place I used to call home,” he said.

Mr. Loeb, who is currently imprisoned in connection with a parole violation, said he drew some satisfaction from the fact that Mr. Burke had been reduced to his own circumstances. “Now look at us both; we’re both incarcerated,” he said, his glance falling on the khaki jail uniform that Mr. Burke wore.

Mr. Burke had already spoken briefly, acknowledging that he had committed “a calamitous misdeed.” He apologized to Mr. Loeb.

From the judge, he simply asked for a “reasonable and just sentence.”

The courtroom was crowded with reporters and prosecutors, and, in keeping with Mr. Burke’s reputation as a polarizing figure, several benches were packed with friends and critics.

Prosecutors had sought a sentence of 51 months in prison, claiming in a legal filing this week that a severe sentence was appropriate because Mr. Burke’s conduct had “severely undermined the public’s trust in law enforcement at a time in which relations between law enforcement and the public are at an all-time low.”

Mr. Burke is the only person criminally charged in the case, and he has surprised a number of Suffolk County politicians and police officials by refusing to cooperate with prosecutors or help them build cases against his former colleagues.

In a recent court filing, prosecutors said their investigation was “ongoing with respect to other co-conspirators,” a hint that other lawmen could still face charges.

The federal investigation appears to be casting a wide net, looking at people outside Mr. Burke’s inner circle. Over the past year, the investigation, which is being handled by the United States attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York, has begun to look at the Suffolk County district attorney’s office, according to three law enforcement officials who were not authorized to speak about the investigation.

In particular, federal prosecutors have examined a number of cases handled by the top anticorruption prosecutor in the district attorney’s office, Christopher McPartland, for improprieties, including the possibility that political motivations had played a role, according to the three officials.

The district attorney’s office has said that Mr. McPartland has “conducted himself ethically, professionally and lawfully.”

The federal investigation has also led agents to seek evidence concerning the question of whether judgeships are for sale in Suffolk County, according to two people with knowledge of that aspect of the inquiry.

--A version of this article appears in print on November 3, 2016, on page A22 of the New York edition with the headline: Ex-Suffolk County Police Chief Is Sentenced to 46 Months.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Three men tried to kill a registered citizen, killed an old lady instead. Tell me again why PFML wants to expand the registry?

Parents For Megan's Law wants the info of level 1 registrants in NY state to register for longer than 20 AND they publish level 1 info in violation of state law. Here is why this is a bad idea-- three vigilante thugs killed an elderly woman and left 13 people homeless by starting a fire in an attempt to kill someone on the registry. None of these killers will be on PFML's website.

2 suspects go to Troy in fatal arson
2 waive extradition, 3rd to have hearing in North Carolina
By Kenneth C. Crowe II Updated 9:45 pm, Monday, June 8, 2015

Two of the three suspects in the fatal May 1 arson have waived extradition from North Carolina while the third will have a hearing next week on returning to Troy, a spokesman for Rensselaer County District Attorney Joel Abelove said Monday.

The three are charged with first-degree arson for allegedly setting the fire, which authorities now believe caused the death of Gladys Halpin, 82.

Halpin was rescued from the 520 Second Ave. apartment building fire, during which she suffered a heart attack. Firefighters were able to revive her and get her to the hospital. She died May 23 at Bay State General Hospital in Massachusetts. Final autopsy results have not yet been released.
More Information

On Sunday, David Stanley, 22, of East Greenbush, was arraigned in City Court and sent to the jail without bail, police spokesman Capt. Daniel DeWolf said. He had previously waived extradition in North Carolina before being brought to Troy.

On Monday, Tyler Smith, 24, formerly of Castleton, waived his extradition at a hearing in Raleigh, N.C., and will be back in Troy by the end of the week, said Jonathan Desso, a spokesman for Abelove.

Abby Slaga, 21, of East Greenbush, did not waive extradition because she wanted to consult with an attorney, Desso said. Slaga's hearing will be June 16 in Franklin County, N.C. She will continue to be held on a fugitive from justice warrant in the Franklin County Jail without bail.

Stanley, Slaga and Smith were arrested last week by Raleigh police and Franklin County deputies on fugitive warrants issued in Troy. City detectives took part in the arrests.

DeWolf said detectives would return to Raleigh to bring back Smith.

According to Stanley's arrest report and criminal complaint, at least two people have given statements to police about what they saw and heard that night.

Those witnesses said Monday that the three defendants and a man who lived on the second floor of 520 Second Ave. had a feud over money that was apparently stolen from the tenant.

"They spray painted 'Rapo' on his door and on the building," said one witness who did not want his name used. "He was a Level 1 sex offender, we were told, but it sounded to me like they were arguing over money. I could smell the gasoline they used to set the fire outside his door."

The target of the flames was convicted of a sex crime in 2004, officials said.

Another witness said she had just come home from work that night and heard the argument and went to see what was going on.

"Then I saw the whole building just go 'boom' and saw the three people run out the door, one on fire. I then rushed around to make sure everyone was getting out."

Smith had been out of state prison for just a week before he allegedly took part in setting the fatal fire, according to authorities and New York state inmate records. He had been in prison for attempted burglary in Rensselaer County.

The three fled to the home in North Carolina of a relative of one of the suspects.

Officials said all three were friends and Slaga was involved in a romantic relationship with one of the men, but they did not specify which one.

Officials declined to say how the fire was set.

A video from the night of the fire appeared to show three people fleeing the building at 520 Second Ave.

The fire spread to neighboring 518 Second Ave. next door. Both buildings were heavily damaged and are now boarded up.

The investigation continues, and authorities have not ruled out additional charges.

The May 1 fire has not been linked to an earlier string of 13 fires set in Lansingburgh between July 2014 and February 2015, police said.

Today we learned the fate of these vigilante scumbags:

TROY, NY (WRGB) Three people involved in setting a fire that lead to the death of an elderly Lansingburgh woman learned their fate Thursday.

82-year-old Grace Halpin shortly after fire broke out at 520 Second Ave. in May 2015.

Tyler Smith had pleaded guilty to arson and manslaughter.

Tyler Smith was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Back in August, 23-year-old David Stanley plead guilty to one count of arson and one count of manslaughter and will spend 22 years behind bars.

A third person, Abbey Slaga was sentenced to 2 and 1/3 to 7 years in prison for her role in the fire.

That fire also left 13 people homeless.

Abbey Slaga

David Stanley

Tyler Smith

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

If it is on the internet it MUST be true, right? Laura Ahearn tells us to Google her critics and cite the first bad thing that pops up

Ah, the Internet, where anyone can say anything and people can believe it without fact checking. Nowhere does this seem more true than in the victim industry. Victim industry blowhards like Laura Ahearn feel they can say anything they want and no one will bother to fact check. 

Lets look back to the following article from early 2013, when USA Fair issued a challenge to Ahearn and her bogus statistics. Ahearn's response was not to argue facts (because PFML lacks the facts). Instead, Ahearn cited an attack website called "Evil-Unveiled," which is part of the troll website Encyclopedia Dramatica. But hey, if it is on the internet it must be true, right?

Shana Rowan, a USAFair founder, said she wrote to Ahearn in December seeking changes to statistics on the PFML website that she says misrepresent the results of a study on repeat offenders. Ahearn never replied to the letter.

“As executive director of Parents for Megan’s Law, Laura Ahearn has shown herself to be a zealot who has built a career demonizing the very people she is now to be charged with monitoring. She has perpetuated the myth of high sex offender recidivism, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, to enrich her organization,” Rowan said.

Ahearn dismissed Rowan’s criticism, pointing to Rowan’s engagement to a registered offender who she said “raped a six year old child.” Ahearn also said Rowan is “part of NAMBLA,” the North American Man/Boy Love Association. Asked for documentation, Ahearn said, “Just search her name on the Internet.”

Rowan categorically denies that she has ever in any way been associated with NAMBLA. A website called has a page about her with her name in the URL, and it’s the top hit in a Google search of her name. The page says she is a member of “the new NAMBLA” a name the website gives to “activists” seeking reform of registry laws, allegedly so that they can have sex with children.

“I think it’s very telling that she [Ahearn] would resort to personal attacks instead of discussing the issues on the merits,” Rowan said this week.

Rowan said as the recipient of signifcant public funding — Parents for Megan’s Law’s 2011 federal tax return reports the group received more than $946,000 in government grants in 2011, the lion’s share of its total revenue of just under $1.1 million — the group should be held accountable for providing accurat information to the public. “That was really all we were seeking,” Rowan said. “The new deal with Suffolk County is a whole other subject,” she said. 

“Parents for Megan’s Law has no experience in sex offender management – none,” Rowan said, questioning how the county could “sole-source such an important and costly contract without even considering truly qualified parties – such as the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, who are mental health professionals and sex-offender policy researchers. Rowan said the vote by the legislature was “a political attempt to purchase Laura Ahearn’s support for the controversial proposal at great cost to the taxpayer.”

Asked to respond to the criticism of USAFair, Baird-Streeter, the county executive’s spokesperson said, “No comment.”

Who cites a source like Encyclopedia Dramatica as a valid source of information? (Seriously, if you've never heard of the website, Google it and jyst read the front page. I'm not linking to that foul site.) Laura Ahearn does, that's who. Well, there's a lot on Laura Ahearn here, but I don't cite ED as a source. Each post here is a link to actual information, such as public records or even PFML's own crapsite. Here is a woman who is contracted by the government to handle the duties of law enforcement agents relying on a troll website as a valid source. Who will she cite next? The Onion? Does Laura Ahearn believe in Raptor Jesus and does she hold her breath for 10 seconds while reposting random Facebook chain letters that say share with 10 friends or be haunted by a ghost? Just how gullible is Laura Ahearn, anyways? What an idiot!

Just in case you still think ED is a valid website, THIS is from ED's own website page "About Encyclopedia Dramatica":


Done in the spirit of Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary, Encyclopædia Dramatica's purpose is to provide a central catalog for the e-public to view parody and satire of drama, memes, e-pals and other interesting happenings on the internets. The goal is to provide comprehensive, reference-style parody, to poke fun at everyone and everything on the internet, as well as an archive for online communities to document and reference deviant users.

While the articles themselves are mostly satirical jabs at Internet users (both individually and in groups,) sites, and phenomena, bear in mind that the Encyclopædia Dramatica itself is a parody of a much less funny online encyclopedia. As such, ED articles tend to make fun of the supposed objectivity and accuracy, elitism, and stupid edit wars of such sites. In other words, expect blatant, biased lies, and expect boring truths to get deleted quickly.

ED's third purpose is to catalogue Internets phenomena. In this role, it's actually a fairly good reference for dramatic events and things like memes and netspeak, provided you bear in mind the first two purposes and take what you learn with a Girlmecha-sized grain of salt.

Monday, October 17, 2016

FYI: Home Addresses for corrupt Suffolk County legislators can be found on FEC website

It is interesting to find Suffolk County legislators listed in paperwork for state level politicians. On the Tim Bishop for Congress campaign, we find Kara Hahn contributing to the campaign:

Kara Hahn
41 Thompson Hay Path
Setauket NY 11733

In another area of the Tim Bishop for Congress paperwork we find Steve Bellone's address: 

Steven Bellone
195 Marcy St.
North Babylon, NY 11703

And here is Laura Ahearn contributing to Zeldin for Congress: 

Laura Ahearn
18 Balfour Ln.
Stony Brook, NY 11790

Before anyone gives me grief about publishing home addresses, let me make a couple of things clear. First, these folks support publishing the addresses of those forced onto the registry and were determined not to be a risk to the public, in addition to pushing to extend their registration period. Second, these addresses are on a publicly accessible website, so what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I'm merely republishing the information that is already available online. Surely they can't have a problem with that! 

Besides publishing addresses, it is interesting to note how many of these politicians are "donating" to other politicians. Just follow the money. I think you all know where this is heading.

Speaking of following the money...

"A super PAC run by Suffolk County police unions has built a multimillion-dollar campaign operation, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to help elect local candidates and boost its clout on law enforcement issues.

Funded with $1-a-day mandatory fees from approximately 2,500 police department members, the Long Island Law Enforcement Foundation regularly outspent candidates it targeted."

Here are Laura Ahearn's political contributions for 2016: (Go here and searh "Ahearn" in name and fill in the rest of the form, specifically date, and for contrubutions, I added 0 minimum and 100000000 maximum)

Here are Ahearn's contributions from the FEC: (Go here and fill out the name section):

As an added bonus, here is the address of the prosecutor present at all Suffolk Co legislature meetings and who gave Ahearn protection of the county as an agent of the state:

ISLIP, NY 11751

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Suffolk Co Leg. Presiding Officer Gregory Participates in Ride-Along with PFML

Why is anyone from the legislature allowed to do this? Seems like more typical legislature and PFML engaging in mutual ass-kissing.

Presiding Officer Gregory Participates in Ride-Along with Parents for Megan’s Law

September 27, 2016  By Kelly Tenny

NEW YORK – Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory recently visited Parents for Megan’s Law and the Crime Victims Center in Stony Brook for a tour of their facility and to participate in a ride-along with members of their sex offender management team on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

“I want to thank Parents for Megan’s Law and the Crime Victims Center for inviting me to get a first-hand look at all the work they do to help protect the residents of our county,” said Presiding Officer Gregory. “The experience reaffirmed for me the impact this program has in ensuring that potentially harmful individuals are following every aspect of the law.”

In March 2013, Suffolk County turned over the task of verifying the addresses of the county’s sex offenders to Parents for Megan’s Law under the county’s Community Protection Act. The agency employs retired law enforcement officers who travel to all corners of the county in morning and evening shifts to verify addresses of offenders.

“I applaud Presiding Officer Gregory for his unwavering commitment to keeping the residents of Suffolk County safe through prevention education and sex offender management,” said Laura Ahearn, Executive Director of Parents for Megan’s Law and the Crime Victims Center. “Presiding Officer Gregory took time out of his very busy schedule to personally observe agency operations and programs, work with agency staff, and offer valuable insight into the challenges facing our communities.”

In addition to their sex offender management team, the agency provides crime victim services to child and adult victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and all victims of violent crime. Prevention educators work with public and private schools, community organizations and houses of worship to provide sexual abuse prevention programs for children, teens and adults.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

For $125 you can join PFML and the Suffolk Co Legislator scratch each other's backs

PFML is hosting a snooty event for people with money, and if you go, you can watch Ahearn and fiends present awards to their biggest contributors in the Suffolk County Legislature. With any luck, people will vote these idiots out. Seems to me Laura Ahole needs some extra cash to pay for all those lawsuits against her controversial group. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

If registered citizens have to have their addresses listed publicly, then so should those who support these laws, like Kate Browning

People like Kate Browning, aka Korrupt Kate, aka Kate Brownnoser, who laughs at registrants being oppressed by Ahole's PFML cult and says they should move out of SOFUCKED County:

Kate Browning
25 Malba Drive
Shirley, NY 11967

Here at NYers 4 Freedom, we want to list the addresses of every legislator and PFML worker in the interest of fairness.. After all, this isn't intended to be punishment, but merely a campaign to raise awareness so you know who your neighbors are, especially corrupt political neighbors. But hey this isn't punitive so there's no harm no foul in  publishing addresses, right :)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hundreds "slip away" from New York registry list

The headline pisses me off but the news within is good. I bet ol' Laura Ahearn is beside herself. As usual, she sounds the fear alarm in hopes of getting the legislature to move the goalpost again.

Hundreds slip away from New York sex-offender list
By Joe Mahoney CNHI State Reporter Aug 12, 2016

More than 1,100 names have fallen off the New York sex offender registry this year, raising concerns among lawmakers and victims’ advocates that public safety is being jeopardized.

The names belong to low-level sex offenders who are only required to stay registered for 20 years. The Sex Offender Registration Act went into effect a little more than 20 years ago, on Jan. 21, 1996.

Lawmakers debated lengthening the requirement for those offenders to 30 years, as part of a bill that also would clamp new limits on places where sex offenders may live.

But a proposal that sailed through the New York state Senate with just five opposed was bottled up in an Assembly committee.

It has since become a front-burner issue for outnumbered Assembly Republicans, whose leader, Assemblyman Brian Kolb, R-Canandaigua, said a low-level assessment doesn’t always reflect the severity of the underlying crime.

“This is an area where we cannot afford any loopholes,” he said.

But at least one senator who voted against the bill, Sen. Gustavo Rivera, D-Bronx, said it would be unfair to hit offenders who “are not predators” with the same restrictions placed on more dangerous individuals.

“A Level One offender could be someone who on a prank grabbed a woman’s breast on public transportation,” he said. “While that’s obviously stupid, it’s not something that should take away your right to live somewhere or work somewhere for the rest of your life.”

New York’s sex offender registry includes 39,151 names. Of those, 14,575 are marked as Level One offenders.

The 14,117 offenders classified as Level Two — and the 9,685 listed at the highest tier, Level Three — are required to stay registered for life. As a result, they must update their home and work addresses with local police whenever they move.

The other 774 people on the list await assessments, which are set by judges at the time of sentencing and can vary for people convicted of the same crime.

Judges weigh factors such as whether crimes involved force, weapons and drugs; whether the victim was injured; and the victim’s age.

Advocates say dropping Level One offenders off the list — the registry has shed 1,159 so far this year — means employers and others trying to find information about those people won’t learn about their sex crimes.

Being dropped from the registry does not expunge someone’s record, but the state only shares criminal histories with limited types of employers, such as nursing homes and school districts.

“What’s most frightening is that a youth athletic league checking out applicants for coaching positions, or a mall hiring for an Easter Bunny, could end up taking on someone who is a convicted sex offender,” said Laura Ahearn, director of Parents for Megan’s Law and the Crime Victims Center, based in Ronkonkoma on Long Island.

Some Level One offenders committed rape and molested children, she said, and their status was negotiated as part of a plea deal when the registry was first structured.

Not all criminal justice experts agree with the push for stronger limits on sex offenders who’ve served their time.

“By making life difficult we actually increase, rather than decrease, the likelihood that they will commit another sex crime,” said Cynthia Calkins, a Buffalo-area native and psychology professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.

Calkins said 95 percent of sex crimes in New York are committed by people not listed on registries. She questions the motive of “feel-good” legislation that won’t lead to better public protection.

“If we were serious about lowering rates of sexual violence, we ought to focus on developing strategies that might work,” she said, “like efforts that promote safety in the child’s own home, the place where abuse most often occurs.”

Terence Kindlon, a veteran criminal defense lawyer, said assessments of sex offenders have improved since the process began 20 years ago. Tightening limits on low-level sex offenders would be “draconian,” he added.

“There comes a time when the state just has to step away,” said Kindlon, who was recently named Albany County’s public defender.

The risk process has slowly become more flexible, “like a new shoe you’re breaking in,” he said, as court rulings have addressed concerns raised by prosecutors and defense lawyers.

For example, he said the statute already allows for those assessed as low-level offenders to be kept on the registry for life if their original crime was violent.

New York and other states created sex offender registries after the highly publicized murder of 7-year-old Megan Kanka in New Jersey in 1994. Her attacker was a convicted sex offender who lived across the street and lured her with the promise of showing her a puppy.

Justin Mason, spokesman for the state Division of Criminal Justice Services, said sex offenders removed from the list “have met their statutory requirement to register for 20 years.”

In each case, he said, the division has alerted the district attorney’s office that prosecuted the case and the police agency where the offender lives.

Joe Mahoney covers the New York Statehouse for CNHI’s newspapers and websites. Reach him at

Friday, July 15, 2016

Is Parents For Megan's Law a misandrist organization? One child victim advocate seems to think so.

It isn't often you see those who identify as child victim advocates duking it out. The accusations here are serious, but considering PFML's treatment of registered citizens over the years, who are mostly men, I don't doubt the claim made here.

Here is a bio of the accuser, Greg Fischer:

Human Interest:

            My children Clark (age 5 ½) and Anna (age 3) were ABDUCTED on Sept 17 2007 (when Greg was running for Riverhead Councilman – the next day).  The children were returned on October 1, 2009 (two years later);  since then Greg  has been a national spokesperson on child abduction issues --- particulary for the national group “VOICE FOR THE CHILDREN” (based out of Florida).

Who better to discuss one victim advocate than another victim advocate, eh?

Fischer: I will not back down
by Denise Civiletti Nov 1, 2011, 1:32 pm

Submitted in response to the Oct. 29 article “Crime victims advocate brings harassment charge against supervisor candidate“

To the Editor:

In the face of injustice I will not back down! It is not just that my kids were hurt it is that other citizen’s kids (and grandkids) were and STILL ARE being hurt. If a government funded organization is not doing their job then that needs to be exposed. Below is one of many letters I have sent out to government to fix problems. And, YES, being a whistleblower often means there will reprisal and retribution against you.

At the core: 1.) Suffolk County needs a Victims Center and a Megan’s Law Center that will take effective action upon all men’s reports. 2.) The laws Legislator Romaine and I have been attempting to pass to stop child concealment and abduction must be passed ASAP. 3.) The police must immediately stop refusing to honor the Federal laws on reporting into the NCIC system.

Question: With the same set of facts, if it were YOUR kids or grandkids were harmed, guess what I would do? Answer: I would be there to defend you and the children! I will not back down from stopping child abuse, even when perpetrated with (or in spite of) government funds. If the politicians cannot create a mechanism to defend innocent children then they are incapable of defending any of us and they need to be removed from office ASAP!

I will not ignore your government problems or try to make you feel better living with those problems; I will act to fix those problems!
If you have any questions for me I can be found on FACEBOOK at Vote For Greg.
With a hope and a prayer that what has happened to my children STOPS here,

Greg Fischer

With apology for the loss of logo and formatting …… however, please be warned that this is my opinion and contains upsetting material …
Political Patriot Newspapers
Government Oversight and Investigative Journalism 
P.O. Box 285, Calverton, New York 11933-0285, Voice 631-727-9637, Fax 631-727-9638
October 5, 2011
Re: To immediately source and fund appropriate services for male crime victims and to immediately reduce funding the Suffolk Crime Victims Center and Suffolk Parents for Megan’s Law all for reasons of “Anti-Male Bias” and/or other failure and refusal to provide services.
Dear Legislator,

Why were two innocent children (ages 8 months and 3 years, who were being concealed by a bona fide child rapist and an absconding parent), and their innocent left-behind-parent, refused services/protections (de facto) by the Suffolk County funded/supported Crime Victims Center and Suffolk Parents for Megan’s Law?

What I am about to divulge here is shocking; however it is true, opinion, and it contains my personal statement of experience and opinion about Anti-Male Bias demonstrated by the Suffolk Crime Victims Center (CVC) and Suffolk Parents for Megan’s Law (collectively “CVC/PFML”) — the worst part of course is while my children were abducted, my children and I were denied service by CVC/PFML and we are still exiled to date from those county funded/supported services. This letter is to suggest that alternative and equal male sensitive services be sourced and public funding be shifted to the appropriate services for male victims.


Suffolk County does not seem to have adequate victim services for male victims and CVC/PFML was ill equipped to fill the need. Yet the legislature seems to rely upon CVC/PFML as a one-stop-shop for all victims — male or female. In my personal experience, CVC/PFML seemed unwilling to promote male victim services and their importance for fathers and their children — they do not even lobby for such services for fathers and their children. Instead, in my opinion, CVC/PFML seems to be sensitive only to women’s issues; namely, in my exposure to CVC/PFML I sensed an anti-male bias that I cannot say I have ever felt from most other “victims” services agency. Ultimately, being denied services by CVC/PFML seems to have helped thwart legally required intervention, delayed abduction retrieval, postponed rehabilitation/reunification results, and ultimately had the net consequence of putting my children at risk for a longer period of time than might have been otherwise.


In the matter of my children and me, I believe CVC/PFML procedure, staff training, services and administration had the consequence of keeping my children in the continuing risk of the very dangers I expected to protect them from —- child abuse/neglect, including but not limited to child sexual abuse. I believe that CVC/PFML used the justification that the abducted children “were with the mother” even though the condition in controversy was unlawful (thus making the children and the father crime victims); the assertion is a demonstration of acute gender bias de facto in that statement claiming motherhood trumps law. Although this situation of a publicly funded/supported institution executing bias, wastefulness, and suborning/supporting of unlawful activities (some of those activities causing huge costs to Suffolk County taxpayers), and may be ultimately best served by the oversight of a Suffolk County Inspector General (SC-IG), it is proper for the Legislature to also be the recipient of this information that constitutes a citizen complaint. As well CVC/PFML is the recipient of Federal money, some indirectly, and any activity, or agency, or recipient that wastes Federal money is subject to 42 U.S.C. § 1320. Similarly, in this matter as the writer, I must properly be labeled a “whistleblower” and granted all local, state and Federal protections properly granted to whistleblowers.


Although I have heard of stories where other men have been discriminated against (including stories I have heard as a person in the media), this letter is not hearsay but it is to tell my personal story of bias and exile form the services CVC/PFML was referred to provide by the Suffolk County Legislature to aid me in the recovery and protection of my children and to serve me as a citizen/taxpayer of Suffolk who acutely required victims protection/rehabilitation services.

As this legislature is well aware, my children were parentally concealed/absconded/abducted (herein “abduction”) in September 2007. Over a period of 25 months and they were shuttled between states and mostly in unknown locations. The concealment was mostly under conditions that were dangerous and neglectful to the children — for example, in captivity, the children suffered severe dental neglect. Similarly, for a significant portion of the time the children were housed in a mobile home with a documented and bona fide child rapist. In October 2009, a Suffolk County court stated that the children were taken illegally and ordered the children returned.

Over the course the abduction, I attended a public hearing on “bias” which was proximal to the murder of Marcello Lucero. At my testimony in front of one of those hearings, Legislator Gregory suggested that I contact CVC/PFML for victim’s services and other help. I did as he suggested. I am certain that Legislator Gregory would never expect that my children and I would come to receive the resistance to services, and I would receive the “bias” (and eventual neglect/abuse and exile) related to the actions that CVC/PFML did demonstrate.

It was completely shocking to me that CVC’s affiliate and co-provider PFML (Parents for Megan’s Law), an organization that I thought was supposed to help PROTECT children from the risk of sexual abuse and other harm, was so caviler/dismissive about the risk to, neglect of, and abuse of my innocent children. My feelings at the time were that it was as if CVC/PFML was telling me something similar to the children were the property of the mother and she could do with them as she might choose. I have heard women in my predicament (in other states) say the same thing when children were paternally abducted and I view that bias equally shocking — I view all child concealment as URGENT and dangerous to children and left-behind-parents.

What occurred with CVC/PFML was nightmarish in that I was never given any help or referrals. The Federal law states that missing/concealed children MUST immediately (or within 2 hours) be entered into the NCIC federal database. Part of my problem was that Riverhead Police (under the supervision of Philip Cardinale, supervisor and police commissioner) were refusing to make the legally required entry. CVC/PFML refused to help with that problem as well. The law further states that there is to be NO INVESTIGATION or delay of any kind (and the report can be edited or closed later). Instead of receiving help, CVC/PFML also began a process of scrutinizing me and I had to provide the ALL of my court ordered forensics and other court information (which I did). Shortly after providing them the forensics showing my children was with a bona fide child rapist, CVC/PFML stopped returning my calls.

What I came to believe is that, not only did CVC/PFML assist in the breaking of the Federal law requiring immediate NCIC, and acting out what the law specifically forbade, but CVC/PFML was practicing “front end diversion” because as a completely innocent male victim I was toxic to their biased (pro-female/anti-male) agenda — and thus the implementation of their agenda became more acute. In my opinion, CVC/PFML (and another Suffolk Victims Services agency) cultivates female victim’s services by treating female victims with priority and urgency — while obviously trading off and ignoring equal justice protections.

Throughout the delays by CVC/PFML my children were being harmed and I was being harmed as well by the stress of knowing my children were being harmed and suffering. Since my children were at risk and being harmed TIME WAS OF THE ESSENCE yet CVC/PFML did not treat the situation with either urgency or advocacy. In my opinion, the response of CVC/PFML was disgraceful and harmful to my children and me. The CVC/PFML refused to aid in being the advocate/intermediary to assist my children before the legislature and county agencies — I believe Legislator Gregory expected CVC/PFML provide comprehensive victims services which would include but not be limited to unbiased advocacy and government process facilitation.

After I provided all the written information and court documents I started to get ignored. Eventually they ceased contact with me without reason or warning. Then I was informed by a person purporting to be the Chairmen of the Board of CVC/PFML that I would NEVER be provided services by CVC/PFML.

In my children’s case, they have been re-concealed/re-abducted many times since their original 25 month ordeal. Why are they (and I, as their father) exiled form the public/semi-public services of CVC/PFML? Why am I, as one who suffers from PTSD (an ADA defined disability requiring reasonable accommodation) in part as a result of the abduction ordeal, being exiled/denied from victim’s services?

In my opinion, the Legislature should not make any further referrals to CVC/PFML or allow them any funding/support until there is an investigation of this matter and their patterns and practices; the legislature has a duty to prevent wastefulness of tax funds and to prevent the type of harm I have experienced.


I believe that Suffolk County funding needs to be adjusted/allocated/shifted so that services can be delivered which allow male victims to receive victim services from concerned male victim service providers; this would be in the exact same way that female victims commonly receive services from female victim service providers. I believe that the management of said male victim services organizations need also to appropriately trained to address male problems —- in my opinion, and based on my experience, CVC/PFML is NOT sensitive to the complex issues of male victims especially as related to female on male violence/aggression in its various forms. I believe that instead, CVC/PFML tends to demonize men and ignore or significantly chill awareness of female on male violence/aggression in its various forms. Appropriate services for male victims must be provided immediately to comply with US & NYS Constitution equal protection clauses.

Respectfully, I ask that each and every member of the Suffolk County Legislature take a stand against anti-male bias — especially when that bias seems to be institutionalized and aided by public monies and/or referrals.

Thank you in advance for your pro-constitutional and pro-equality stand. Similarly, thank you for your socially and fiscally responsible actions to promote a more just society.

Very truly yours,
Greg Fischer, Publisher & Reporter
Political Patriot Newspapers, Government Oversight and Investigative Journalism 
(Returning 2012)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Wild Fearmonger appears: So now PFML and Steve Bellone wants us to freak out over Pokemon Go

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two decades, at some point you've heard of Pokemon. You may have heard of this new app called "Pokemon Go," which uses "augmented reality" to search for those little critters in the real world.

Yes, there was a random incident where folks were getting robbed at a spot where the Pokemon appears (you are an idiot if you are wandering around secluded locations late at night), so now Team Fearmonger warns to prepare for trouble and make it double.

What kind of Pokemon would you find at the Suffolk County Legislative/ PFML region? How about Clefucktards, Machumps, Pidgidiots, and 'Tardmanders.

Seriously, I think whoever came up with this deserves a swift kick in the Pokeballs. We need to erRATICATE all this fearmongering. (Okay okay, I'll stop with the Pokemon puns.)

Officials: 'Pokemon Go' could be used to lure crime victims
Updated July 12, 2016 5:24 PM

Parents for Megan's Law and Suffolk County officials met Tuesday in an effort to warn parents about the dangers behind the virtual scavenger hunt app. (7/12/16)

Parents for Megan's Law and Suffolk County officials met Tuesday in an effort to warn parents about the dangers behind the virtual scavenger hunt app.

They say an option in the app allows users to "lure" people to a location to get points in the game.

Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Sini says criminals will see the option as an opportunity.

"They could be lying in the wait to do a robbery, or it could be worse in terms of a sexual predator situation," says Sini.

Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone is calling on the Pokemon company to check its users against those on the E-Stop registry – the online registry of sex offender emails and social media accounts.

Another issue that has been raised is the app automatically granting full access to Google accounts. The app requires a Gmail account to sign in.

A spokesman for Pokemon Go issued a statement saying once they became aware of what they call an "error," they began working on a fix to only request basic google profile information.

The company had "no information to share" on the sex offender concerns.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

One of PFML's biggest legislative supporters openly offers his support to vigilante thugs

This is Brigitte Harris, a deranged psychopath who murdered and mutilated her own father. According to SILive, "Ms. Harris dubbed herself "XXLadyVengeanceXX" on her MySpace page, which she said was a reference to an ultraviolent South Korean film that follows a wrathful woman who abducts a man who has killed several children and takes him to an abandoned school, where she ties him to a chair and chokes him with a tie." Her father was found in her apartment handcuffed and beaten, with his genitals cut off and a towel stuffed in his mouth. She even told the jury she researched Lorenna Bobbitt

In court, this animal used the abuse excuse as a defense in court, which legal scholar Alan Dershowitz accurately describes as a "lawless invitation to vigilantism." Sure enough, it worked, as she was convicted only of "second degree manslaughter," and while the judge gave hr a 5-15 year prison term, Harris got out after three. To reiterate, Harris got three years for murdering and mutilating her own father!

This is US Senator Charles E. Schumer, the second cousin once removed of TV personality Amy Schumer. Schumer is one of PFML's biggest financial contributors, giving at least $50,000 to Ahearn's group. Schumer was also a big supporter of Brigitte Harris so I find his support of vigilantes disturbing. Just think, this is the same guy who called a flight attendant a "bitch" after she told him to turn off his cell phone before takeoff (a federal regulation, you know), and apparently, other flight attendants have had similar issues with him. 

It seems Schumer has a thing for vigilante scumbags, first Brigitte Harris, now Laura Ahearn and company. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

PFML's list of contributors proudly includes at least $50k from convicted criminal Dean Skelos

If I was Laura Ahearn, I'd send that fifty grand or so back to convicted criminal Dean Skelos. It is equally interesting the biggest contributors are politicians; in fact, only three of the 15 listed donors of $25k+ are businesses.

(Editor's note: It seems PFML removed the contributor's list but not before I screenshot it. Nice try, Laura!)

You can see the full list on the Web Archive:

Sponsors And Special Thanks

LEADERS  - Donations and Grants

$50,000 +
United States Senator Charles E. Schumer
United States Congressman Timothy H. Bishop 
United States Congressman Steve J. Israel 
United States Congressman Peter King   

New York State Senator Dean G. Skelos    
New York State Senator John J. Flanagan
New York State Senator Lee M. Zeldin
CA Technologies
Gary Melius, Oheka Castle  
District Attorney Thomas J. Spota 
Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent F. De Marco

INVESTORS - Donations and Grants

$25,000 - $49,000
New York Senator Charles Fushillo  
New York State Senator Kemp Hannon  
New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle 

BENEFACTORS - Donations and Grants

$5,000 – $25,000 
BBD - Business By Design - Web and Print Design 
Caffe Amici  

Vehicle Tracking Solutions - John Cunningham  'We Help You Drive Productivity' 

CONTRIBUTOR - Donations and Grants

$1,500 – $5,000 
Alpha Group
Andrew L. Weitz & Associates, P.C.
Baiting Hollow Country Club
Best Buy
Borgata Hotel & Spa - Atlantic City
Coram Fire Department
Kozy Shack
Giove Funeral Home 
Lindy’s Transportation  
Park Strategies, Senator Alfonse D’Amato  
Poker Player's Alliance
Selden Florist  
Sivan Properties
Specialties Galore - Holbrook, NY
Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association   
Villa Lombardi’s 
West Lake Inn, Patchogue, NY
Whole Foods Market
Michael C. Williams, C.P.A., P.C.  
Thomas Yllanes  


$500 - $1,500 
Association of Municipal Employees - Suffolk County, NY 
Atlantis Marine World 
Coca Cola   
Cooperage Inn - Baiting Hollow, NY
Danford's Restaurant and Catering - Port Jefferson, NY 
Dick's Sporting Goods 
Disc Graphics, Hauppauge, NY   
Electric Printing, Bohemia, NY   
Empire State Carpenters Local Union 7   
Estey & Bomberger, LLP
Fairy Tale Productions - Nesconset, NY
Fat Cat Graphics, Center Moriches, NY   
Fink's Country Farm - Riverhead, NY
Harrah's Hotel and Casino - Atlantic City
Helzberg Diamonds - Lake Grove, NY
Home Depot
Ideal Image - Hauppauge, NY 
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 25   
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 138, 138A, 138B and 138C 
J & B Restaurant Partners - Ronkonkoma, NY
Kerri's Kandies - Coram, NY
Lowe's Home Improvements  - Stony Brook, NY
McDonald's - TriMac, Hauppauge, NY
Nassau County Detectives Association 
New York Jets
New York Giants
New York Islanders
New York Mets
New York State Association of Chiefs of Police
New York State Fraternal Order of Police  
News 12 Long Island
North Shore Therapeutic Spa and Wellness Center - East Setauket, NY
Pace's Steak House - Port Jefferson, NY
Peter Kramer 
Plumbers Local Union 200     
Rainbow Media Holdings
Rita's Italian Ices - Medford, NY
R&J Graphics, Farmingdale, NY   
Ralph's Italian Ices   
Rock Doves Music
Ruvo Restaurant - Port Jefferson, NY
Sand Castle Photography
St. Gerard Printing - Port Jefferson Stattion, NY
Southwest Airlines - Cheryl Swanson
Sports Illustrated
Suffolk County Democratic Committee   
Suffolk County Police Athletic League   
Tumbling Dice
USPA Nationwide Security, Michael Evans
WBAB and WBLI Radio
While You Wait Copy Center, Centereach, NY


Fredrick P. Beinlein, CSCS, Certified Personal Trainer
Costco - Holbrook, NY
Mohegan Sun - CT
Swan Lake Golf Club - Shirley, NY
Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff's PBA
Touch of Class Car Wash & Detail Center - St. James, NY


Our Dedicated Volunteers Who Give Their Gift Of Time 

(Full page screen shot because they think they could delete it).