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Is Parents For Megan's Law a misandrist organization? One child victim advocate seems to think so.

It isn't often you see those who identify as child victim advocates duking it out. The accusations here are serious, but considering PFML's treatment of registered citizens over the years, who are mostly men, I don't doubt the claim made here.

Here is a bio of the accuser, Greg Fischer:

Human Interest:

            My children Clark (age 5 ½) and Anna (age 3) were ABDUCTED on Sept 17 2007 (when Greg was running for Riverhead Councilman – the next day).  The children were returned on October 1, 2009 (two years later);  since then Greg  has been a national spokesperson on child abduction issues --- particulary for the national group “VOICE FOR THE CHILDREN” (based out of Florida).

Who better to discuss one victim advocate than another victim advocate, eh?

Fischer: I will not back down
by Denise Civiletti Nov 1, 2011, 1:32 pm

Submitted in response to the Oct. 29 article “Crime victims advocate brings harassment charge against supervisor candidate“

To the Editor:

In the face of injustice I will not back down! It is not just that my kids were hurt it is that other citizen’s kids (and grandkids) were and STILL ARE being hurt. If a government funded organization is not doing their job then that needs to be exposed. Below is one of many letters I have sent out to government to fix problems. And, YES, being a whistleblower often means there will reprisal and retribution against you.

At the core: 1.) Suffolk County needs a Victims Center and a Megan’s Law Center that will take effective action upon all men’s reports. 2.) The laws Legislator Romaine and I have been attempting to pass to stop child concealment and abduction must be passed ASAP. 3.) The police must immediately stop refusing to honor the Federal laws on reporting into the NCIC system.

Question: With the same set of facts, if it were YOUR kids or grandkids were harmed, guess what I would do? Answer: I would be there to defend you and the children! I will not back down from stopping child abuse, even when perpetrated with (or in spite of) government funds. If the politicians cannot create a mechanism to defend innocent children then they are incapable of defending any of us and they need to be removed from office ASAP!

I will not ignore your government problems or try to make you feel better living with those problems; I will act to fix those problems!
If you have any questions for me I can be found on FACEBOOK at Vote For Greg.
With a hope and a prayer that what has happened to my children STOPS here,

Greg Fischer

With apology for the loss of logo and formatting …… however, please be warned that this is my opinion and contains upsetting material …
Political Patriot Newspapers
Government Oversight and Investigative Journalism 
P.O. Box 285, Calverton, New York 11933-0285, Voice 631-727-9637, Fax 631-727-9638
October 5, 2011
Re: To immediately source and fund appropriate services for male crime victims and to immediately reduce funding the Suffolk Crime Victims Center and Suffolk Parents for Megan’s Law all for reasons of “Anti-Male Bias” and/or other failure and refusal to provide services.
Dear Legislator,

Why were two innocent children (ages 8 months and 3 years, who were being concealed by a bona fide child rapist and an absconding parent), and their innocent left-behind-parent, refused services/protections (de facto) by the Suffolk County funded/supported Crime Victims Center and Suffolk Parents for Megan’s Law?

What I am about to divulge here is shocking; however it is true, opinion, and it contains my personal statement of experience and opinion about Anti-Male Bias demonstrated by the Suffolk Crime Victims Center (CVC) and Suffolk Parents for Megan’s Law (collectively “CVC/PFML”) — the worst part of course is while my children were abducted, my children and I were denied service by CVC/PFML and we are still exiled to date from those county funded/supported services. This letter is to suggest that alternative and equal male sensitive services be sourced and public funding be shifted to the appropriate services for male victims.


Suffolk County does not seem to have adequate victim services for male victims and CVC/PFML was ill equipped to fill the need. Yet the legislature seems to rely upon CVC/PFML as a one-stop-shop for all victims — male or female. In my personal experience, CVC/PFML seemed unwilling to promote male victim services and their importance for fathers and their children — they do not even lobby for such services for fathers and their children. Instead, in my opinion, CVC/PFML seems to be sensitive only to women’s issues; namely, in my exposure to CVC/PFML I sensed an anti-male bias that I cannot say I have ever felt from most other “victims” services agency. Ultimately, being denied services by CVC/PFML seems to have helped thwart legally required intervention, delayed abduction retrieval, postponed rehabilitation/reunification results, and ultimately had the net consequence of putting my children at risk for a longer period of time than might have been otherwise.


In the matter of my children and me, I believe CVC/PFML procedure, staff training, services and administration had the consequence of keeping my children in the continuing risk of the very dangers I expected to protect them from —- child abuse/neglect, including but not limited to child sexual abuse. I believe that CVC/PFML used the justification that the abducted children “were with the mother” even though the condition in controversy was unlawful (thus making the children and the father crime victims); the assertion is a demonstration of acute gender bias de facto in that statement claiming motherhood trumps law. Although this situation of a publicly funded/supported institution executing bias, wastefulness, and suborning/supporting of unlawful activities (some of those activities causing huge costs to Suffolk County taxpayers), and may be ultimately best served by the oversight of a Suffolk County Inspector General (SC-IG), it is proper for the Legislature to also be the recipient of this information that constitutes a citizen complaint. As well CVC/PFML is the recipient of Federal money, some indirectly, and any activity, or agency, or recipient that wastes Federal money is subject to 42 U.S.C. § 1320. Similarly, in this matter as the writer, I must properly be labeled a “whistleblower” and granted all local, state and Federal protections properly granted to whistleblowers.


Although I have heard of stories where other men have been discriminated against (including stories I have heard as a person in the media), this letter is not hearsay but it is to tell my personal story of bias and exile form the services CVC/PFML was referred to provide by the Suffolk County Legislature to aid me in the recovery and protection of my children and to serve me as a citizen/taxpayer of Suffolk who acutely required victims protection/rehabilitation services.

As this legislature is well aware, my children were parentally concealed/absconded/abducted (herein “abduction”) in September 2007. Over a period of 25 months and they were shuttled between states and mostly in unknown locations. The concealment was mostly under conditions that were dangerous and neglectful to the children — for example, in captivity, the children suffered severe dental neglect. Similarly, for a significant portion of the time the children were housed in a mobile home with a documented and bona fide child rapist. In October 2009, a Suffolk County court stated that the children were taken illegally and ordered the children returned.

Over the course the abduction, I attended a public hearing on “bias” which was proximal to the murder of Marcello Lucero. At my testimony in front of one of those hearings, Legislator Gregory suggested that I contact CVC/PFML for victim’s services and other help. I did as he suggested. I am certain that Legislator Gregory would never expect that my children and I would come to receive the resistance to services, and I would receive the “bias” (and eventual neglect/abuse and exile) related to the actions that CVC/PFML did demonstrate.

It was completely shocking to me that CVC’s affiliate and co-provider PFML (Parents for Megan’s Law), an organization that I thought was supposed to help PROTECT children from the risk of sexual abuse and other harm, was so caviler/dismissive about the risk to, neglect of, and abuse of my innocent children. My feelings at the time were that it was as if CVC/PFML was telling me something similar to the children were the property of the mother and she could do with them as she might choose. I have heard women in my predicament (in other states) say the same thing when children were paternally abducted and I view that bias equally shocking — I view all child concealment as URGENT and dangerous to children and left-behind-parents.

What occurred with CVC/PFML was nightmarish in that I was never given any help or referrals. The Federal law states that missing/concealed children MUST immediately (or within 2 hours) be entered into the NCIC federal database. Part of my problem was that Riverhead Police (under the supervision of Philip Cardinale, supervisor and police commissioner) were refusing to make the legally required entry. CVC/PFML refused to help with that problem as well. The law further states that there is to be NO INVESTIGATION or delay of any kind (and the report can be edited or closed later). Instead of receiving help, CVC/PFML also began a process of scrutinizing me and I had to provide the ALL of my court ordered forensics and other court information (which I did). Shortly after providing them the forensics showing my children was with a bona fide child rapist, CVC/PFML stopped returning my calls.

What I came to believe is that, not only did CVC/PFML assist in the breaking of the Federal law requiring immediate NCIC, and acting out what the law specifically forbade, but CVC/PFML was practicing “front end diversion” because as a completely innocent male victim I was toxic to their biased (pro-female/anti-male) agenda — and thus the implementation of their agenda became more acute. In my opinion, CVC/PFML (and another Suffolk Victims Services agency) cultivates female victim’s services by treating female victims with priority and urgency — while obviously trading off and ignoring equal justice protections.

Throughout the delays by CVC/PFML my children were being harmed and I was being harmed as well by the stress of knowing my children were being harmed and suffering. Since my children were at risk and being harmed TIME WAS OF THE ESSENCE yet CVC/PFML did not treat the situation with either urgency or advocacy. In my opinion, the response of CVC/PFML was disgraceful and harmful to my children and me. The CVC/PFML refused to aid in being the advocate/intermediary to assist my children before the legislature and county agencies — I believe Legislator Gregory expected CVC/PFML provide comprehensive victims services which would include but not be limited to unbiased advocacy and government process facilitation.

After I provided all the written information and court documents I started to get ignored. Eventually they ceased contact with me without reason or warning. Then I was informed by a person purporting to be the Chairmen of the Board of CVC/PFML that I would NEVER be provided services by CVC/PFML.

In my children’s case, they have been re-concealed/re-abducted many times since their original 25 month ordeal. Why are they (and I, as their father) exiled form the public/semi-public services of CVC/PFML? Why am I, as one who suffers from PTSD (an ADA defined disability requiring reasonable accommodation) in part as a result of the abduction ordeal, being exiled/denied from victim’s services?

In my opinion, the Legislature should not make any further referrals to CVC/PFML or allow them any funding/support until there is an investigation of this matter and their patterns and practices; the legislature has a duty to prevent wastefulness of tax funds and to prevent the type of harm I have experienced.


I believe that Suffolk County funding needs to be adjusted/allocated/shifted so that services can be delivered which allow male victims to receive victim services from concerned male victim service providers; this would be in the exact same way that female victims commonly receive services from female victim service providers. I believe that the management of said male victim services organizations need also to appropriately trained to address male problems —- in my opinion, and based on my experience, CVC/PFML is NOT sensitive to the complex issues of male victims especially as related to female on male violence/aggression in its various forms. I believe that instead, CVC/PFML tends to demonize men and ignore or significantly chill awareness of female on male violence/aggression in its various forms. Appropriate services for male victims must be provided immediately to comply with US & NYS Constitution equal protection clauses.

Respectfully, I ask that each and every member of the Suffolk County Legislature take a stand against anti-male bias — especially when that bias seems to be institutionalized and aided by public monies and/or referrals.

Thank you in advance for your pro-constitutional and pro-equality stand. Similarly, thank you for your socially and fiscally responsible actions to promote a more just society.

Very truly yours,
Greg Fischer, Publisher & Reporter
Political Patriot Newspapers, Government Oversight and Investigative Journalism 
(Returning 2012)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Wild Fearmonger appears: So now PFML and Steve Bellone wants us to freak out over Pokemon Go

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two decades, at some point you've heard of Pokemon. You may have heard of this new app called "Pokemon Go," which uses "augmented reality" to search for those little critters in the real world.

Yes, there was a random incident where folks were getting robbed at a spot where the Pokemon appears (you are an idiot if you are wandering around secluded locations late at night), so now Team Fearmonger warns to prepare for trouble and make it double.

What kind of Pokemon would you find at the Suffolk County Legislative/ PFML region? How about Clefucktards, Machumps, Pidgidiots, and 'Tardmanders.

Seriously, I think whoever came up with this deserves a swift kick in the Pokeballs. We need to erRATICATE all this fearmongering. (Okay okay, I'll stop with the Pokemon puns.)

Officials: 'Pokemon Go' could be used to lure crime victims
Updated July 12, 2016 5:24 PM

Parents for Megan's Law and Suffolk County officials met Tuesday in an effort to warn parents about the dangers behind the virtual scavenger hunt app. (7/12/16)

Parents for Megan's Law and Suffolk County officials met Tuesday in an effort to warn parents about the dangers behind the virtual scavenger hunt app.

They say an option in the app allows users to "lure" people to a location to get points in the game.

Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Sini says criminals will see the option as an opportunity.

"They could be lying in the wait to do a robbery, or it could be worse in terms of a sexual predator situation," says Sini.

Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone is calling on the Pokemon company to check its users against those on the E-Stop registry – the online registry of sex offender emails and social media accounts.

Another issue that has been raised is the app automatically granting full access to Google accounts. The app requires a Gmail account to sign in.

A spokesman for Pokemon Go issued a statement saying once they became aware of what they call an "error," they began working on a fix to only request basic google profile information.

The company had "no information to share" on the sex offender concerns.