About NY'ers 4 Freedom

The Campaign For Freedom project is not a formal group, but an informal organization of people sick and tired of being used as political fodder in a corrupt "tough on crime" system. Campaign For Freedom was originally a Facebook group exposing vigilante groups that got off on harassing those already victimized by the controversial Megan's Law, and made a "tough" wannabe biker group cry to the media. The original group was shut down, but the legacy lives on. 

New Yorkers For Freedom exposes Parents For Megan's Law, a controversial group run by Laura Ahearn. In 2003, PFML was the central figure in propagating the prevailing myth that there are "100,000 missing sex offenders." In 2013, PFML became the first PRIVATE corporation to be granted police powers in conducting compliance check operations. PFML is a very secretive organization collecting over $1.5 MILLION annually, mostly from Taxpayer funds! And yet, no one really knows how this money is spent. 

Strongly connected to PFML is Kate Browning, Suffolk County District 3 Representative, and Steve Bellone, Suffolk County Executive.

Unite and put an end to the tyranny of this Victim Industry con game! It is time to fight back against Parents For Megan's Law.  

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