Saturday, September 24, 2016

For $125 you can join PFML and the Suffolk Co Legislator scratch each other's backs

PFML is hosting a snooty event for people with money, and if you go, you can watch Ahearn and fiends present awards to their biggest contributors in the Suffolk County Legislature. With any luck, people will vote these idiots out. Seems to me Laura Ahole needs some extra cash to pay for all those lawsuits against her controversial group. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

If registered citizens have to have their addresses listed publicly, then so should those who support these laws, like Kate Browning

People like Kate Browning, aka Korrupt Kate, aka Kate Brownnoser, who laughs at registrants being oppressed by Ahole's PFML cult and says they should move out of SOFUCKED County:

Kate Browning
25 Malba Drive
Shirley, NY 11967

Here at NYers 4 Freedom, we want to list the addresses of every legislator and PFML worker in the interest of fairness.. After all, this isn't intended to be punishment, but merely a campaign to raise awareness so you know who your neighbors are, especially corrupt political neighbors. But hey this isn't punitive so there's no harm no foul in  publishing addresses, right :)