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The hypocrisy of Eileen Panico, PFML cheerleader and wannabe vigilante thug

Eileen Panico, wannabe vigilante
During an April protest against PFML's controversial contract with Suffolk County, a woman posing as a reporter interviewed the protesters with the sole purpose of collecting info on them to harass them online. This woman is whack job named Eileen Kennedy Panico (last known address 1869 Louis Kossuth Ave., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, phone #  (631) 738-1372), one of Laura Ahearn's most loyal subjects. 

The lead protester, Derek Logue, who also runs a blog exposing online wannabe vigilantes like Eileen Panico, (and has already posted about her), tells us what really happened: 

About 9:30 am, not long after my arrival (and before the other six protesters arrived) some lady (Eileen) was taking pictures and held a notepad, presenting herself as if she was a reporter. I thought nothing about it and she asked me some mundane questions about why we are protesting. It was a windy morning, and one of our signs blew into the parking lot, and I asked her to retrieve it for me, and she did. She thanked me for speaking, then left.

So all this big gangster talk on the internet is laughable. It took all she had not to physically harm me? ROFLMAO! What a joke. First, she would have been arrested. Second, there is no way this person could hurt me short of a long distance projectile. She couldn't even call me a "disgusting piece of garbage" to my face, despite the fact I was engaging in a peaceful protest with so few demonstrators, right?

Eileen runs (or helps run) a number of Facebook pages:

In case she disputes the claim she runs this page
Eileen Panico has been targeting Mr. Logue online for over half a year now, although she couldn't say anything in person (because most online vigilantes are cowards in real life without a gun and backup). But that hasn't stopped her from slandering and attacking Mr. Logue. Here is one example:

There are three things to mention here. First, she cites a number of online vigilante websites, including notorious (and now deceased) vigilante Valerie "Valigator" Parkhurst from Ft Lauderdale, whose only real claim to fame was getting arrested for pulling a gun on a registered citizen for no reason. Yeah, if it is on the internet it much be true (PFML seems to have the same philosophy, as we have previously discussed on this blog). Second, she obviously discriminates against those with mental illness. (So what if Mr. Logue is "bipolar"? I imagine she's at the least an undiagnosed mentally ill person, judging by her posts.) Finally, she bashes Mr. Logue for "liv[ing] off the government teat" and fundraising for protests. 

This last point is particularly hypocritical given the fact Eileen is begging people for money online, collecting food stamps AND disability. And now, I present to you, Eileen Panico's GoFundMe page:

They've applied for assistance and unfortunately, they don't get much. Disability pays their taxes and despite what you might think - food stamps for the family covers the basics. It doesn't allow them to get personals  such as toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and other personal items. (That comes from Eileen’s part time salary)  They are now behind on many bills - electric, water, phone and the credit card bills from before his illness remain unpaid. 

How are the Panicos able to receive food stamps if they own a camper, house and car? Seems to me Eileen's hate is catching up to her the way it caught up to Valerie Parkhurst. Eileen Panico should expect to be served with court papers in a few days. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Accusing someone of being a pedophile and stalking the community is slander. Maybe PFML will hire an Ohio attorney since PFML's attorneys aren't in Ohio.

This is what is known as "slander."
ADDENDUM: I wanted to share a new post by this group, since they fail to distinguish between "sex offender" and "pedophile":

Yes, it IS slander to make such a bogus claim as Eileen Panico has done. First off, being on the registry does not equate to being a "convicted pedophile." There is no statute in the law called "pedophilia." Thus, one cannot be convicted of "pedophilia" since there is NO CRIME called "pedophilia." Second, Mr. Logue does not run this blog, though we receive information from him, Eileen fails at research once again, which I find amusing. We have also proven that Eileen Panico IS the only known contributor to that FB page (see screenshot above where Panico admits to being "one of the main contributors"), so unless someone else is willing to assume responsibility for this false statement, then Eileen Panico is liable under the law. She 

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