Sunday, June 5, 2016

Suffolk County extends the PFML contact in emergency session after PFML's insurance company deemed them a major liability

This was printed in Newsday and since I don't have a subscription, it can't be read online. Luckily, a copy was sent for me to share it. I'm not surprised this crooked contract was renewed, but I was shocked to find out why Ahearn needed more money. Apparently, they are such a liability, their insurance rates increased more than five times over.

If Laura Ahearn and her goons were really about helping victims why would they take part in creating victims? Why would they deny help to victims coming to them seeking help? Having these escorted out of the building... Perhaps they cherry pick which victims and children they will help? Why would Parents for Megan's Law take $25,000 from the victims fund to support their hefty insurance increase? Is it the tax payers fault this groups illegal actions have made them such a high risk? Perhaps most important - Why does a corrupt Suffolk County legislature continue to support and stand by this groups illegal behavior in violation of New York State Law? Perhaps Steve Bellone thinks he can keep distributing tax payer money dishonestly to his friends because he thinks all eyes are on his X-pal DA Spota and no one will notice his dirty deeds??? Parents for Megan's Law EXPOSED 

Pols back sex-offender monitoring program
By Rick Brand
From Newsday, 6/1/16 print edition

The Suffolk Legislature approved an emergency resolution last night to indemnify and defend the nonprofit Crime Victims Center Incorporated in its work doing in-home verification of sex offenders’ residences. 

Lawmakers approved the resolution on a 16-2 vote. During an hour-long debate, several Republicans sought unsuccessfully to table the measure at least partially because Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini had not taken a position on the issue.

Legislator Kate Browning (WF-Shirley) left the meeting to speak about the resolution by phone with Sini, who she said told her he supported it.

County Executive Steve Bellone issued a certificate of necessity to permit an immediate vote after the center’s insurers had agreed only to extend its liability coverage until June 7 in the face of two lawsuits brought against the county and the nonprofit over his program to verify residences of sex offenders listed on a state registry.

“We’re not going to abandon the most successful program to monitor sex offenders in the country,” said Legislator Kara Hahn (D-Setauket) during the debate.

The center, formerly known as Parents for Megan’s Law, had a $2.5 million contract with the Suffolk Police Department for the past three years to verify sex offenders’ addresses as well as monitor social media and conduct education programs under Suffolk’s Community Protection Act.

The contract expired April 30, but the county has budgeted $768,000 for a contract extension through year’s end. County Attorney Dennis Brown said a new agreement, which includes County legal coverage for the “narrow scope” of its verification duties, should be complete within a few days.

Several Republicans said because agreement details were not available, they feared indemnification could cost taxpayers millions in court verdicts for personnel not trained or supervised by the county.

“It’s a very bad idea to put taxpayers on the hook for people we don’t even know,” said Legislator Robert Trotta (R-Fort Salonga), himself a former Suffolk police detective. He said police could take over the job.

In the past, Suffolk County officials have been reluctant to indemnify other nonprofit groups with contracts, such as the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, because of the potential exposure to damages in a lawsuit. However, Brown said, the county in the past has provided similar coverage in some cases, including to doctors who worked in county health centers, and those working at the Vanderbilt and County Maritime museums.

Laura Ahearn, the center’s executive director, said insurance costs had climbed from $4500 a year to $25,000 annually before the insurer threatened to stop covering the center’s work for County.


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  2. Many of the Suffolk County tax payers are completely in the dark about the illegal actions of this group. Actions that the corrupt county executive and legislature have decided to not only condone but also pay, to harass and stalk people in blatant defiance of New York State Law which preempts local law. Steve Bellone publically stated he will not allow the state's highest court's ruling in People V. Diack 2015 to interfere with his and Laura Ahearn's illegal local CPA law even though the ruling clearly holds that the local municipalities cannot enact any laws regardining those registered because State law preempts local law and the State claims "the entire field". Only in Suffolk County does a legislature enact Bills of Attainder. Pay a not for profit, along with civilians for their hobby to single out and stalk those of a certain group for harassment. Support this vigilante group's law suits. Pay their huge insurance increase by TAKING money from victims of crimes and giving it to Parents for Megan's Law to support their fiendish hobby. The best part is the county has their queen of secrecy sitting as chair chairperson of Suffolk County sex offender court registration and notification sub committee, and the chair woman of legal systems sub comittee of the suffolk county domestic violence task force! HOLY conflict of interest! Clearly no one is paying attention to Suffolk's officials. Is Suffolk County guilty of incitement to genocide? Perhaps, but no worries for them. Who do they answer to? Spota?


  4. What ever happened to Dana Wolfe and Amol Sinha from the New York Civil Liberties Union??? Weren't they about to expose Laura Ahearn and her Suffolk political cronies for their crimes against humanity? Who exactly was in charge of making these two disappear??? Good question to put before Spota?